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Hejira History

Bikers Station '93

Japanese magazine with story on Carbon Fibre Rotax single

Bikers Staion 93.pdf

Motorcycle Enthusiast Oct '86

Story up to 1986 on Hejira company

MCE 10-86.pdf

Performance Bike Feb '93

Technical look at Carbon Chassis

PERFB 2-93.pdf

Superbike Oct '91

Hejira Harley 1600 Street Racer

SBK 10-91.pdf

MCM '92

Norwegian magazine story on Kent Andersson Hejira Rotax

MCM 92.pdf

Motor Cycle News Sept '92

Comparison of SOS Race Bikes

MCN 9-92.pdf

Superbike Mar '86

Hub Steer Race Bike

SBK 3-86.pdf

Road Race Action '92

Carbon Fibre SOS Bike

RRA 92.pdf

Motorcycle Racing Jan '81

Hejira story by Jim Greenings

MCR 1-81.pdf

Various Articles '90 thru '96

Press clippings

VAR 90-96.pdf

Various Articles up to 1990

Press clippings

VAR -90.pdf

Various Articles up to 1980

Press clippings

VAR -80.pdf

Team HRD Press

Press clippings for Hejira Racing Team

HRD Rac.pdf

Superbike Dec '91

Yamaha LC350 Project Pt 1

SBK 12-91.pdf

Superbike Feb '92

Yamaha LC350 Project Pt 2

SBK 02-92.pdf

Performance Bike Mar '86

Suzuki 100 Rear Suspension

PRFB 3-86.pdf

Motor Cycle News  '95

SOS loss of championship status

MCN 95.pdf

Various '96

FIM Ban of Carbon Fibre in racing

Carbon 96.pdf

Motor Cycle News '94

Death of SOS Series Editorial

MCN 94.pdf

Motor Cycle News Nov '95

Carbon Frame Road going Superbike Project

MCN 11-95.pdf

Motor Cycle News Dec '93

Project for Single Cylinder Road Bike

MCN 12-93.pdf

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